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About Dr. Jill Zechowy

Dr. Zechowy has a background in medicine as well as counseling psychology.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Rochester with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Genetics.  She received the Take Five scholarship allowing her to persue studies in anthropology and art for a fifth year tuition-free. 

In 1996 she graduated from University of Maryland School of Medicine.  She completed her residency in 1999 at Boston University’s Malden Hospital Family Practice Residency program with rotations in obstetrics, gynecology, psychiatry, pediatrics, neonatology, and adult medicine.  She was chief academic resident her final year there and received the Resident Teaching Award.  She then fulfilled her Public Health Scholarship at a community health center in Lynn, Massachusetts. While there she served as Medical Director of nine school-based health centers and as interim Medical Director, supervising 11 physicians and 10 nurse practitioners. 

After moving to California she became an Assistant Professor of Medicine at UCSF’s Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program.  In her medical practice she has provided prenatal care, newborn and pediatrics, as well as adult medicine for over ten years.  She then obtained her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Dominican University with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.  She has also pursued extensive graduate training in psychotherapy for women and young children at the Family Service Agency of Marin and Women’s Health Services in San Rafael. 

Dr. Zechowy is a professional member of Resolve, an association to support women experiencing infertility and also Postpartum Support International (PSI), an organization dedicated to helping women with perinatal mood disorders and anxiety. She is also a certified provider of Triple P – Positive Parenting Program, an evidenced-based intervention to assist families with young children. 

In her practice Dr. Zechowy combines her knowledge of medicine, health, and human nature to assist women on their way to greater life satisfaction.


Some clients may benefit from medications to alleviate their symptoms. This is a personal decision and does not have to be decided at the first session. 

Dr. Zechowy prefers to refill medications during appointments. This way she knows how you are responding to the medication and can identify any need to change. If you will run out of medication before your next follow up please request your refill at your appointment.  There should be no need for phone refills if you keep your regularly scheduled appointments or reschedule promptly. 

If you miss an appointment or forget to ask for a refill and do not have enough medication to last until your next appointment please call your pharmacy and ask them to send her office a refill request. Medications are refilled when Dr. Zechowy is in the office on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Friday mornings. This means that it may take a few business days until your medication is refilled. Please keep this in mind and request medications to be refilled at least 5 days before you run out.

If at any time you experience a problem with your medication please call my office. For life-threatening emergencies please call 911. For less severe emergencies that still require medical attention please call your primary care physician.


  • Appointments are between 45-50 minutes long. Fee is $325 per session.
  • Telephone calls and texts: No fee for occasional brief calls or texts. Calls and texts requiring more than 15 minutes of Dr. Zechowy’s time per week are prorated at hourly rate.
  • Cancellations of less than 24 hours notice will result in a $250 charge. Upon the third late cancellation this charge increases to the full $325 fee.

When you make an appointment with Dr. Zechowy, she reserves that time exclusively for you. Barring emergencies, she will be ready to see you at our scheduled time. Dr. Zechowy does not double-book or overbook her schedule. It is important to provide her with as much notice as possible should you need to change an appointment. To do so please call her office phone (707) 515-6673. 

Please Note: Dr. Zechowy operates her practice on a fee-for-service basis. Payment for sessions is due at the time of appointment. Dr. Zechowy’s office does not accept insurance or Medicare. This policy protects your privacy to the highest possible degree, allows greater flexibility in developing a plan of treatment with you, and allows her to spend more time with each client.

However, clients who do have insurance are often able to obtain partial “out-of-network” reimbursement for fees paid. You pay for your session at the time of the appointment. Dr. Zechowy can provide you with a receipt for your visit, containing an evaluation code and diagnosis. You then submit this receipt to your insurance for reimbursement. Every company and plan has different policies and reimbursement rates. Some cover most of the cost of sessions. If you plan to seek reimbursement from insurance please contact them in advance of your first appointment so that you know what portion you will be reimbursed. Ask your insurance what their reimbursement to you would be for an “Out-of-network provider for a 99215 level visit.”

Keep in mind that your insurance policy is a contract between your insurer and you. You are responsible for all fees incurred, as well as for any services that are not covered by your policy, such as missed appointments and phone calls.


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Office:  707-515-6673

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