Welcome to Women's Mental Health, MD. 
Dr. Jill Zechowy is a Family Physician with a master's degree in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy.  This practice is dedicated to the wellbeing of women. 
Most women lead lives that are challenging and full - a perpetual juggle of work, household, social, and family obligations.  In addition to the daily stressors, major life changes, such as unemployment, relocating, divorce, illness, or loss of a loved one, can happen unexpectedly.  Infertility, pregnancy, motherhood, or menopause are particularly stressful transitions - both physically and mentally Any of these experiences can result in feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, low mood, insomnia, lowered sex drive, relationship friction, and worries.  As multitaskers and caregivers for others, self-care can be forgotten.  

Dr. Jill Zechowy assists women in developing a life of balance and contentment by providing the following services:

- Counseling for women
- Counseling for children under the age of five with one or both parents present
- Psychiatric medication evaluation, management, and consultation for women
- Exploration of alternatives to medications
- Newborn care, lactation, and parenting education
- Home visits for pregnant women on required bed rest
- Healthy lifestyle counseling

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Women's Mental Health.

Jill Zechowy, MD, MS

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