I provide treatment for women and for children under five.  In working with children under the age of five parent/s are included in each session.  New mothers are also welcome to bring their infants to our sessions. 

With my background in both medicine and counseling I offer several types of treatment:

1) Counseling:
We will meet weekly for 45 minute sessions.  Together we will develop goals for therapy.  Some clients' goals only take a few weeks to reach, while others are long-term problems that will take longer to attain resolution.

2) Medication evaluation and management:
Some clients are not interested in counseling but would like to feel better.  Our initial appointment will be for 45 minutes.  We then set up either 45 or 20 minute follow-up appointments as needed until symptom remission occurs.  At that point you can then either have your primary care physician refill your medications or follow up with me every 2-3 months for refills.  I do not prescribe medications for children but can assist in referring you to a child psychiatrist if indicated. 

3) Counseling and medications:
Sometimes a combination of both counseling and medications is most helpful.  If we decide this is best for you, then I will continue to meet you weekly as needed.  Appointments will be for 45 minutes.


This is the Women's Mental Health office.  The goal in planning this office was to create a comfortable and soothing environment.  The office is also child-friendly, with a selection of toys and games on hand.  There is also a diaper changing area in the bathroom. 

This is where we sit for our initial meeting and for 45-minute counseling sessions.

For 20-minute medication visits we will use the desk section of the office.